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ITALERI WWII U.S. Infanterie 1:56

Manufacturer: Italeri
Item-No.: ITA15603
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Product description

216-part figure kit made of hard plastic for the design of 10 U.S. infantrymen in various postures, adjustments and armaments.
In addition to 10 round plastic base plates (25mm diameter) are following listed weapon types in this set: Springfield and M1 Garand rifles ( plus scoped model and version with bayonet ), Browning automatic rifle, Thompson and Grease Gun sub-machine guns, Bazooka, Colt 45 pistol, fragmentation grenades, bandoliers and shotgun.
This new figure set at a scale of 1:56 (28mm) is ideal for use for WARLORD GAMES.
For the completion or color design of this model kit are suggested colors by the manufacturer which you will find below under my product recommendations.

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