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MOEBIUS Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider 1:72

Manufacturer: Moebius Models
Item-No.: MM959
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Product description

The Raider in the original series is an exceptionally powerful fighter and attack craft employed by the Cylon Empire and carries much more formidable armament than the weapons on Colonial Viper fighters (two directed energy weapons and provisions for internal bombs). A Cylon Raider carries a crew of three centurions (commander, pilot and co-pilot). The commander sits on a slightly elevated seat between the two pilots and issues orders. Raiders frequently make suicide attacks on enemy capital ships, typically attacking the fighter launch bays. Although a typical Basestar holds far more Raiders than a Battlestar has Vipers, this advantage is often negated by the human ability to improvise and adapt to changing combat situations.
2 complete kits per pack, complete with presentation stand in the scale 1:72.

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ManufacturerMoebius Models
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