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EBBRO Citroën Type H Crepe Mobile with Figures 1:24

Manufacturer: Ebbro
Item-No.: EBB25013
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Product description

"Crepe" comes to mind first as a light meal in France. In fact there are two types of Crepes. One of them is "Galette" made with buckwheat flour and the other is "Crepe" made with wheat flour. Galettes is seasoned with salt and usually served as an appetizer or main dish. On the other hand, Crepes decorated with fruits and sugar are made as a desert. Both of them are cooked on a heated iron plate, but toppings are different. Sausages are used for Galettes, and sugar and Bananans are used for Crepes. The specialty shop of them, which is very popular, is called "Creperie". Also, Crepes and Galettes are sold at a stall and Type H food truck when festivals are held. Citroën Type H has been made in some versions, but "Creperie" would be the most popular version in France. People can feel the nice smell of Crepes and Galettes from this characteristic style of Type H.

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