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MODELLTRUCK.AT Construction-Material-Crew Trailer 6 Meter with plain side walls 1:24

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99 - part complete kit ( 86 Polystyrene, 9 Resin-, 2 Photo Etched parts, 2 metal bars ) for the realization of a, often seen, Construction-, Material- and Crew trailer with 6 meter body length in the scale 1:24.
This complete kit contains next 86 Polystyrene profiles and sheets (all necessary parts to build up and represented realistically the chassis as well as the body ), 9 Resin parts ( for the wheels, the spring suspension and the pull mouth ), 2 Photo Etched parts ( to simulate the closures of the two doors ) as well as 2 metal rods acting as axles for the wheels. Of course an 5 sided richly illustrated German making instruction with parts list in DIN A4 is still enclosed in this complete kit !
Length of the built model: approx. 250mm ( with drawbar approx.. 340mm )
Width of the built model: approx. 100mm
Height of the built model: approx. 130mm

Although the enclosed Polystyrene and Resin parts only need more of low cleaning-, dragging-, spatula- and adjustment work, should a certain model making experience available to realize from this unique complete kit an excellent copy of an, frequently seen in Europe, Cunstruction-, Material- and Crew trailer in the scale 1:24 !!!
Of course you find this, perhaps for this complete kit necessary and improvement, Accessories like photo etched lights or more Polystyrene profile and sheets and so on, also in my shop.

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