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MICROSCALE Micro Kristal Klear - Clear Liquid 30ml

Manufacturer: Microscale
Item-No.: MI-9
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Product description

First, Micro Kristal Klear is a liquid that can be used to form very real looking small windows up to 1/4" in size. It also is an adhesive for mounting clear plastic parts, windows, etc., on models. It can be used to make lenses both clear and colored with the addition of a little food coloring. What really makes a remarkable difference in your models is the simple fact that the clear parts can be joined to the painted parts with a completely clear adhesive. What this means is that you do not have to mask around the clear parts, something that is rarely completely successful any way. Plus the sills which are painted can be seen through the Micro Kristal Klear for the most realistic looking windows you will see on a model.


Delivery into synthetic material bottle with approx 30 ml of contents

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